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Tattoos have a long history for sailors and sea going men.  A tale once told by sailors was “Pigs and Chickens will make shore”.

This was widely regarded true— as the pigs and chickens on board a sea going vessel tended to be crated and would float to shore in the misfortune of a shipwreck. It was also known—Pigs and Chickens dislike of water was such they wanted badly to make land.

and so it was said by sailors– and often Tattoo’d

A Pig on the knee– will keep you safe at sea

A Cock on your right– you’ll never lose a fight

This blog is simply a place where I can share my thoughts, writings and photos–

Pigs and Chickens will make Shore-                                                                                                                                          Enjoy

On Shore and can be reached at                                                                                       pigsandchickenswillmakeshore@gmail.com

Photographer, writer, traveler

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