Call it macaroni

Meijers is slammed packed,

blue hairs fighting in the aisles.

Folks fanning themselves with Hallmark cards to suppress the heat

and one old bitch is kicking ass and taking names.

I told her

“ain’t got no beef with you momma!”, she stared right through me and moved


Oh the horror of it all–

I ran in for a Bunn Coffee maker to please my girlfriend and for
forgiveness for all my trespasses.

Trumps 4th of July spectacular in honor of himself has the citizens on edge.

Little kids are crying, screaming, reaching up for their moms as folks trample them
to get out of this market.

a young lady demands

“weigh my watermelons Bitch and I’ll be outta here!”

As a fellow behind me welps in
agony as an unclaimed comfort dogs bites through his diabetic socks into his pasty calves.

Finally, Clear through Checkout and pushing for an exit

I hollar

“Make America Great Again!” as I kick a young boy out from entanglement under my buggie.

Happy 4th of July America, I’ll see you at the parade

God forbid the Fireman toss aged hard candy, we’ll burn the fucking City down!

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